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Elevating Your Business

interior of a mechanical factory line with no workers and bright lights

Your Partner In Advancement

Water Doctors

We provide analytical instruments, electronic metering pumps, and controllers with advanced communication capabilities to AWT-certified water treatment specialists.

Specialty Gas Manufacturers

Our rugged, top-of-the-line process moisture analyzers measure relative humidity and trace moisture levels of gases and aqueous liquids down to parts-per-billion.

Parking Garages & Industrial Warehouses

Our fixed gas detection systems monitor the presence and concentration of harmful gases, helping to guarantee continuous and safe operation within high-traffic facilities.

Metal Plating

We offer analytical instruments that monitor and control electroplating and electroless plating processes that yield durable, corrosion resistant, and highly conductive products.

Tank Manufacturers

We supply essential tech to plant operations including sight glasses, lighting apparatus, temperature assemblies, and level and weighing instrumentation.

Nuclear Waste Storage

Our engineers are experienced in providing the comprehensive and critical temperature monitoring systems required for safe storage of radioactive waste.

Our Collaborative Partnerships

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